Tribute to Bishop Jack Yonts

Jack and Jodie Yonts(Excuse the casual use of J.E. Yonts first name – it fits the mention of the disciples of John the Baptist in the Bible – John’s disciples.)

We are Jack’s disciples. We groan deeply when we pray. We are Jack’s disciples, we teach Bible studies. We know character and consistency count more than charisma or talent. We are Jack’s disciples, we love. We believe in people, we trust that with time, prayer, faithfulness, those people will do great and valiant things. In fact, it is our prayer that the people we lead will go farther and reach higher, on our shoulders, than we ever did.

We are Jack’s disciples, we pray, fast, we laugh, we tell silly jokes. We are Jack’s disciples there are no big “I’s” and little “you’s”. Everyone counts, everyone matters to God. We are Jack’s disciples we don’t pressure pride, challenge we appeal to noble causes inside the heart of men and women, we inspire, we dream.

We are Jack’s disciples, we fight hell, we build men and women, we plant churches. We make disciples for our savior. He alone is our prize, his presence is our reward and joy. His word is our treasure. We are Jack’s disciples, we care, we love, our families and friends are precious to us. We value people more than position, disciples more than numbers, training more than hype, prayer more than programs, “Jodie” more than life. and Jesus more than anything.

We are Jack’s disciples, we trust God. We work hard, we preach the cross, we know that “integrity means who you are when nobody is watching”. We are Jack’s disciples, we sing when we pray, cry when we talk about hell, give, serve, preach, love the lost. We are Jack’s disciples, passion drives us, potential excites us, children love us.

We are Jack’s disciples, and we are thankful.

Written by Pastor Vito LoCascio

Bishop Yonts went to be with our Lord Dec 25, 2014. He will be greatly missed.

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