Just What Did We Lose in the Garden?

Adam and Eve and the Snake, in the mosaic gard...

Adam and Eve and the Snake, in the mosaic garden, kibutz Eilon, Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gen 1:28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them…and have dominion over…every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”  Man started out with power and dominion. Dominion means ‘to subject, power, rule, authority’. God made Adam and Eve rulers over the earth, over everything. He told them to subdue it and have power over it. Men through the ages have tried to conquer the world. Hitler tried as well as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, but it was given to Adam.

Adam had authority and dominion and power. The Bible says the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. The devil was after what that day? Their salvation? Not yet. Was he just trying to bring death to them? No. Do we think the devil thinks that little? This is the guy who said, ‘I will ascend to the most high. I will be above the congregation.’ He wanted authority and saw God hand it to somebody he considered beneath him. He wasn’t after their souls. He didn’t want to send them to hell. That day the devil came and killed their dominion and authority and power. He took it.

Why did Jesus call Satan the ‘god of this world’? Because he stole it from Adam. Adam was, in effect, the god of this world. The devil saw all of this and was jealous.

What is one of our biggest problems as Christians? We think too small. Our God is the creator of everything. He wasn’t talking about just the sun. He was talking about righteousness, a divide between darkness and light.

Adam and Eve died that day to their authority and power. Ever since that day, there have been men as ‘alpha males’. What this means is that man has a desire in himself to regain his own authority. What does he do in his flesh? He goes out and climbs mountains. Adam probably knew how to fly (or could command a beast to fly him anywhere, he had no fear of falling to his death). He probably had great strength and excellent swimming ability.

Man has this never ending desire to conquer, to rule, and really, to regain what he lost. Hitler, Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan were evil because they all wanted the authority that they had lost and were willing to kill, steal and destroy in order to get it.

Are we going to be so simple minded that we will have authority just over our household, our jobs, or our little worlds? The big thing in TV today is restoration shows. Man is trying to do what he cannot do. He is trying to fill in a substitute for what he needs. “Look, I did something. Look, my life means something.”

The devil brought death into this world. Adam and Eve weren’t supposed to die. The devil took the keys to death and hell. We don’t understand the authority Adam and Eve lost that day. The devil is trying to steal, kill and destroy, not just in the garden, but our relationship with God, our ability to be close and personal with Him.

Remember when Adam and Eve took fig leaves because they were ashamed? God said, ‘My people will never be ashamed.’ The church has authority, and the ability to speak things into existence. Jesus said ‘I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions.’ We now have authority to do what Jesus did. God will soon put Satan under our feet. Authority ‘power and privilege to subject’. God gave you the power to say to the demons, ‘Back off, Jack! This is mine.’ We have that right in Jesus’ name. We have to be in Jesus to do it. We have to be submitted to his authority and power. We can’t rebuke devils unless we are in submission to His authority.

I want the devil to have a poster of me in hell that says, ‘Watch out! Beware!’ When the demons come around you, they should have a picture in their wallets that say, ‘Beware of this guy!’

We pray too little, as in not enough, and too small. God said, ‘Ask and ye shall receive.’ But we need to pray more. The Berlin Wall came down because people prayed for what seemed impossible. We need to pray like we know that the same God who parted the Red Sea and created the universe is the same God who gave us dominion and authority. God said, ‘Whatsoever you ask in my Name, I will do it.’ That wasn’t a small thing.

We need to get rid of our doubt and lack of faith. We need to realize how much authority Adam and Eve first walked around with and how much Jesus gave us back.

We think too small. We look at just the small finite things. Sometimes, the little things seem impossible, but to God it’s every day. He split the Red Sea, He just did it. He sent fire down from heaven. He is just able. There is no such thing as impossible with God.

Satan has been taking things from us, our hopes, ambitions, prayer life, faith. It’s affected your view of the almighty God. You’ve made bad choices that have allowed us to do that. It’s allowed the devourer to come in. But Jesus is here today to give back, to restore.

–Excerpted from a Sermon preached by Pastor Skip Christo


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  2. Cary wanko says:

    That was a blessing to me may God bless you and your, family in Jesus name amen!!

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