Wimps, Wannabes, Whiners, and Winners–Part 2

Today, we’re going to continue our series on the Parable of the Sower.

Wayside Soil. Wayside means ‘by the way’, ‘aside from where it’s supposed to be’. It’s not in the position that it should be. It’s out where birds come, not under the umbrella of the farmer. The devil is the birds.

Instead of wayside, let’s use ‘wannabes’. A wannabe is like wayside soil. They are in the wrong position. Wannabes have the devil involved. The bird can steal the word of God, because it’s not where it’s supposed to be.

Wannabes will pretend to be something they’re not. Wannabes want the credit and the recognition of good ground, but they’re not willing to get into the position that a winner gets in. They’re not willing to put in the time and the work that winners do. It’s all just shallow, surface. It looks good–on the outside. They are not submitted, not sacrificing. They’re pretenders.

Acts 5 tells the story of Ananias and Safira. Barnabas sacrificed everything and got recognition. Ananias and Safira were jealous, so, they decided to lie and say that their gift was more than it really was.

Why are you holding something back and acting like you’re not? You must be in position. Wayside soil has the devil involved in his life. Get under the umbrella of the farmer. If you want God’s protection, you must submit to Him. Don’t lie. Don’t you be a wannabe because God isn’t fooled. The devil can get to you because of where you choose to be.

Don’t pretend to be sold out. Be sold out. Acts 19 tells the story of the Sons of Sceva. They were trying to cast out some devils. They said, ‘Get out in the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches.’ The devils replied, ‘Paul I know, Jesus I know (not knew!), but you I don’t know.’ And the devils came out and stripped the Sons of Sceva and beat them up.

Lukewarm wannabes God hates. It’s riding the fence. Choose whom you will follow–Jesus or the world. Don’t lie to yourself or anybody else. Be real. Be honest.

The answer is submission. Just submit to Jesus and those that He has put in authority over you. Repent if you have held back from God or if you have lied or if you have been riding the fence. As you repent and submit, the Lord is faithful to forgive you. He loves you and wants a real relationship with you. Don’t just give God what you think He wants. Give Him yourself–all of yourself. As you submit to Him, He will change you. If you don’t submit, you will not have His protection, His power, or a real, meaningful relationship with Him. It’s so much better to be real than to be a ‘wannabe’.


Whiners are like thorny ground. The plant grew, but the thorns choked it. Cares and worries of this world choked it out. The question ‘What if?’ plagues the whiner. What about this and that?

Getting choked is not fun. The air is being sucked out, but that is the way some of us are spiritually. Cares of this life are like some big elephant standing on the oxygen tube of your life. If you have the cares-of-this-life syndrome, your spiritual life will be choked.

When you are being choked, you become very unhappy, very uncomfortable. The cares of this life choke out your victory. You complain because you’re not getting what you want.

God does not like complaining and whining. Get you a ‘waaahmbulance’ and let God fix and restore you. Let Him take away all the cares of this life. ‘Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you’ (I Peter 5:7).

When you murmur and complain, you are showing disrespect to God. It’s not the things around you that will kill; it’s the things inside you. ‘In this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’—Jesus (John 16:33).

The answer to the complainer: Fill your mouth with praise and your spirit with worship! Forget about everything else and just pick your eyes up a little bit more! Cut the thorns away with worship and praise!


Winners: In the good ground the atmosphere is just right, the heart is just right. There’s something about people who just grow. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do the things that someone else can do.

A winner just wants to do what God wants.

Winners submit and pray and stand in the way they should be standing in. Winners are worshippers and praise God in the worst of times. They’re overcomers. They win in prayer, against the devil, and against sin. Their battles end in victory because they’re winners.

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